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Gary Waer, Ph.D.

Gary Waer's results orientation and unparalleled energy ensure no matter what he sets his mind to, he does it well. A former oil company executive with an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, an MBA in finance, and a Ph.D. in soils chemistry, Gary left the corporate world in 1978 to start several successful businesses, including distribution of his own organic soil enhancement product (MPXA) as well as a line of synthetic lubricants for firearms (Eezox), bicycles, fishing equipment and stainless steel surfaces.

But Gary's intellect, curiosity and thirst for knowledge have led him in a decidedly different direction as well. His insatiable interest in the First World War has led him to travel to Europe almost a dozen times to study not only that conflict, but also the Maginot Line and the Normandy Campaign of World War II. A member of the highly respected Guild of Battlefield Guides, Gary now leads tours in France himself. He is currently editing a book on the exploits of an American Tank Battalion in World War II, and is writing a comprehensive travel guide to the World War I battlefields of the Western Front. Gary's interest in military history led him to collect military relics, which in turn led to yet another business. He now operates a comprehensive web site:, where interesting vintage firearms, books, military medals and other historical artifacts from the past can always be found for sale.

Gary and his wife, Barbara, an accomplished dress designer and seamstress, live in the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County, California. Gary gives back to his community by volunteering as a member of the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department's "S.V.T." (Sheriff's Volunteer Team).

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